19 x 14 x 6 – Agricultural Harvesting Bin

SKU: AV0519146

  • Stackable:  Plastic containers stack for maximize storage and transport efficiency.
  • Nestable:  Containers nest inside themselves when empty for space saving efficiency.
  • Temperature Resistant:  Use with temperatures of -20° to 120°F (-28.889 to 48.8889°C.)
  • Fully Recyclable:  100% recyclable materials can be recycled at end of service life.
  • Food Safe:  Made from FDA and USDA food-grade plastics, safe for direct food contact.
  • Vented Design:  Maximized thermal regulation and drainage without reducing product protection.
  • Resistant Plastics:  Sunlight, cooling processes, impact, and moisture resistant.
  • Customize:  Labeling and to-order identification available upon request.
  • Applications:  Agriculture, agricultural harvest, delicate food handling, item distribution.

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Reusable agricultural harvesting containers are ideal for picking, processing, and shipping small agricultural produce items such as asparagus, cherries, or assorted berries. Perfect for delicate items that need proper thermal regulation and superior item protection during all stages of handling and transport. Innovative design stacks when full  and nests when empty to save space, reduce warehousing, and return-shipment costs. 


Outside Length (in)19.0
Outside Width (in)14.1
Inside Length (in)15.3
Inside Width (in)12.9
Total Height (in)5.8
Product Clearance (in)4.9
Tare Weight (lbs)1.9
Volume (cu.ft.)0.6
Molding ProcessHDPE
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity4199 stacked, 12155 nested

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