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48 x 32 – Stackable Plastic Pallet

SKU: S4832I17-OD3R5

  • Customize:  RFID tracking, custom labeling, color options  grommets, and safety rims
  • Closed Plastic:  Ultra hygienic, no areas for dirt, or deposits to accumulate
  • Versatile:  Multiple customizable build styles and carrying capacities available
  • Easy Sanitation:  Smooth plastic construction simplifies cleaning and sanitation
  • Food Safe:  Constructed from USDA and FDA approved polymers
  • Temperature Resistant:  Temperature tested plastics are perfect for cold storage
  • Anti-Slip:  Extra grip options available upon request to ensure secure item transport
  • Fully Recyclable:  Pallets are entirely recyclable at end of service life

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A standard in multiple item handling, transport and storage industries, closed-plastic pallets are designed to have no areas for dirt or residue to accumulate. Made from food-safe HDPE, these plastic pallets are the perfect combination of mechanical performance paired with ultra hygienic requirements. A gas-injection manufacturing process creates internal cavities in the rackable pallets support system for enhanced resilience and rigidity. Used in either open, or closed-loop operations, plastic pallets are a far more efficient, longer-lived, and dependable option than disposable wood or metal alternatives.


Length (in.)47.2
Width (in.)31.5
Height (in.)6.3
Tare Weight (lbs.)39.5
Static Capacity (lbs.)7500.0
Dynamic Capacity (lbs.)3700.0
Static Edge-Racking Capacity (lbs.)2200.0
Lip (in.)0.4
Fork/Hand Truck Entry4-way
Base Configuration-
Runners3 Runners
Mold ProcessInjection
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity-

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