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48 x 40 – Stackable Pallet

SKU: S4840I03-2

  • Handle Duty:  Load capacity up to 5,000 lbs for dynamic loads and 25,000 lbs for static loads
  • Protect Cargo:  Optional rubber grommets or lids keep products from slipping during shipment
  • Low Maintenance:  Resists bugs, bacteria, mold, most chemicals, and is easy to clean
  • Applications:  Bulk transport, manufacturing, agriculture, warehousing, and distribution
  • Ergonomic Handling:  2-way or 4-way forklift entry for expedited transport
  • 100% Recyclable:  Eco-friendly polymers can be fully recycled and reused
  • ISPM-15 Exempt:  Does not require heat treatments or fumigation
  • Accessories:  Available with lips and grommets, color options, lids, labeling, hot stamp

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Stackable plastic pallets are designed with a picture frame bottom, and runners on all four sides so that the bottom pallet can securely handle the full static load when loaded pallets are stacked two or more high. Plastic pallets are one of the most competitive ways to transport bulk items in any industry.  Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, these stackable plastic pallets are low maintenance, lightweight, and impact resistant in the most severe material handling conditions.


Length (in.)48.0
Width (in.)40.0
Height (in.)5.9
Tare Weight (lbs.)59.0
Static Capacity (lbs.)30000.0
Dynamic Capacity (lbs.)5000.0
Static Edge-Racking Capacity (lbs.)3000.0
Lip (in.)-
Fork/Hand Truck Entry 2-way or 4-way
Base Configuration5-rod
Mold Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truckload Capacity-

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