The Top Reusable Packaging Products for 2019

2019 is set to be a big year for reusable packaging. Many of the leading packaging manufacturers have released new products, emerging global upstarts have made bold moves into the U.S. market, and regulations keep driving companies toward waste-reducing solutions. Meanwhile, there are a few classic reusable products that just seem to get better with age and are only growing in popularity as sustainable, plastic packaging continues to become the industry standard. Here’s a rundown of some of the products we predict will be making waves in 2019.



Nestable Hybrid Short Shipper Bins

Top Reusable Plastic Packaging Products: Agriculture Bin

They’ve pulled out all the stops in making this stackable and nestable bulk container. As a crossover between traditional field harvest bins and shipping bulk containers, the hybrid models feature detachable feet and corner columns, which enables the bins to nest when empty. This space-saving trick makes the bin an ideal container for agricultural harvests, closed loop freight, and storage. They’re able to hold more than 800 lbs. of freight, and they weigh in at only 54 lbs. each.



Stronger Harvest Bulk Containers

Top Reusable Packaging Products: Plastic Harvest BinThis new take on a farm classic is poised to upset the U.S. agriculture transport market. This new bin is similar and stack-compatible with the traditional 48″ x 48″ harvest bins used by farms and food processors throughout the country. But this new version seeks to one-up the other bins with its structural and functional features, which include central strap guides, arched side wall supports, angled vents for added wall strength, increase drainage holes, and fork strike areas that are both angled and heavily reinforced. All this and a great price makes this bin the new standard for growers.



48 x 44 x 48 — 330 Gallon Collapsible IBCs

Collapsible Liquid Intermediate Bulk Container With Bottom Discharge And Drop Door

Our newest line of intermediate bulk containers (“IBCs”) is quickly becoming the new gold standard for efficiency in reusable liquid packaging. It’s touted as being the most space-efficient IBC on the market — both in terms of capacity and price. It has all the features found in most of the leading IBCs, such as reinforced walls, durable discharge valves, and four-way fork entry, but this new 330 gallon IBC also features an impressive 4:1 return ratio. Simply put, when empty, the bin’s side walls collapse and fold into one another, resulting in a folded height of less than 13″. Pretty impressive for a 330 gallon IBC.



Nestable, Open Deck, Plastic Export Pallets


Nestable Plastic PalletThough not the newest product in the market, this lightweight plastic export pallet continues to gain momentum as a new industry standard. This plastic pallet truly takes advantage of the strength and durability of plastic engineering. Weighing in at only 17 lbs., it is capable of carrying static loads up to 8,800 lbs. Its low cost, light weight, incredible strength, environmental-resistance, and space-saving nestable design make it an ideal solution for freight and one-way/export logistics. And compared to the troubles of heavy, contaminated, and broken wood pallets, it’s a no-brainer.



AGV55 Handheld Agricultural Containers

Thunderbird Agricultural HandheldThe US agriculture industry is excited about the AGV55 line of harvest lugs. This full line of vented stack-and-nest agricultural containers is perfect for nearly every berry, fruit, vegetable, nut, or fungi. Their rugged, no-nonsense design gives them the durability harvesters need, while still providing exceptional ease of use. With solid (no moving parts), all food-grade, plastic construction, they’re built to last. Sizes range from 24″ x 16″ x 7″ all the way down to flats at heights of less than 3″.



Attached Lid Totes

27 x 17 x 12 – Handheld Attached Lid

Some things never go out of style. A common feature of countless loading docks, retail stores, distribution centers, and storage facilities, our attached lid containers remain an invaluable part of the reusable container ecosystem. These nestable totes save space, eliminate cardboard waste, and keep products organized, protected, and secure. Now available with plastic-hinged lids for increased durability, these totes are truly made to last. Though available in multiple sizes, the most popular size by far is the 27″ x 17″ x 12″ tote, which pair with bespoke dollies to ease handling and create efficiencies.



1,800 and 1,500 Lbs. Rated, Industrial, Collapsible Bulk Containers

Top Reusable Packaging Products: Collapsible Bulk Containers These black, collapsible bulk containers are ubiquitous in industrial manufacturing. Built large, 48″ x 45″ x 34″, they’re used to haul and store raw materials, parts, scrap, technology components, and much more. While the 1,800 lbs. capacity “G2” bulk container boasts a long history in the market, there’s now a contender seeking to upstage it. This new version has a lighter rated load capacity (1,500 lbs.), but it comes with a lower collapsed height (12.5″ vs. the original’s 12.8″), making it better optimized for truckload quantities. A 53′ trailer will accommodated 252 of the collapsed 1,500 lbs. capacity bins, compared to 234 of the 1,800 lbs. capacity bins. Both of these bulk containers are expected to continue rising in popularity this year as manufacturers continue to invest in reusable, sustainable container solutions.



Custom Corrugated Plastic Packaging

custom corrugated plastic tote containerWith the European Union and other governing bodies continuing to crack down on single-use packaging and bags, there’s been a worldwide increase in demand for custom, reusable packaging. Corrugated plastic makes it possible for companies of all sizes to have sustainable packaging built to their specifications, while still keeping costs low. The inherently lightweight composition and all-weather durability of corrugated plastic reduces freight costs while ensuring the safety of goods. And, unlike injection molding or rotational molding, corrugated plastic packaging is inexpensive to customize and build-to-suit solutions can be created quickly.