The Best Reusable Packaging Containers for Manufacturing in 2020

Best Manufacturing Containers for 2020

Reusable packaging has become a focal point of manufacturing supply chains. As efforts advance to gain efficiency, improve standardization, and embrace zero-waste supply chain strategies, manufacturers worldwide are turning to plastic reusable containers like never before. From auto manufacturers to technology assembly, reusable plastic containers are the future. Thanks to the meteoric rise of this application, we’ve put together this list of the the best reusable containers for manufacturing companies.

Plastic manufacturing containers are often the best value for warehouses and assembly plants. Plastic containers offer several benefits over traditional wood-based and paper-based packaging. In many cases, plastic is also preferable to metal bins. The preference for plastic containers comes from their benefits:

  • Light weight: Making handling a breeze and saving on freight costs
  • Increased safety: Eliminating structural weakness caused by rot and moisture while also remaining free from sharp metal edges and rust
  • Abrasion resistance: Unlike metal and wood, plastic containers generally have smoother and softer surfaces, reducing scratches and dents to sensitive products
  • Cleanliness: Easily rinsed, washed, and returned to service, reducing product damage due to staining, marks, and other contamination
  • Efficiency: Design features reduce costs incurred by return freight, storage, and stack limitations, while also increasing speed and accessibility for assembly, inventory, and storage operations

When it comes to manufacturing, there are hundreds of container styles and options available. Here’s our summary of the best manufacturing packaging in the industry today:


The Top Manufacturing Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are used to ship, store, and stage everything from auto-body panels to medical devices to teddy bears. When it comes to bulk bins, manufacturers value durability and convenience. And while available in virtually any size, bulk containers that fit automotive standards continue to reign in factories worldwide. The most popular bulk containers for manufacturing feature collapsible (“knockdown”) side walls that easily fold inward to reduce space when not in use.

Our picks for the top manufacturing bulk containers are:

48 x 45 x 27 – Collapsible Bulk Container with Drop DoorsCollapsible Bulk Container

One of the most popular bulk containers ever designed, this container’s standard duty model accommodates loads up to 1,500 lbs., while the container itself weighs only 102 lbs. It’s built to last, but also easily field-repairable. The interior height accommodates loads up to 21″ tall. It collapses when empty to just over 12″ tall, enabling 252 containers to fit in one 53′ trailer.

48 x 45 x 34 – Heavy Duty Collapsible Bulk Container

Collapsible Bulk ContainerThis heavy duty bulk container is rated to carry loads up to 2,500 lbs. It also features an impressive 27″ product clearance height on the interior. This extra capacity comes from an additional 20 lbs. of molded plastic — raising its tare weight to 122 lbs. Nevertheless, it also folds to just over 12″ in height when empty.


The Top Manufacturing Handheld Storage Containers

Sorting, storing, and accessing components is important to best practices for manufacturers. Having the right parts, right where they’re needed, increases factory productivity and reduces the bottom line. Everything from gaskets to semiconductors deserve correct manufacturing containers. And while there are literally hundreds of bins, cases, crates, and totes to choose from, here are a couple of our favorite ones.

18″ x 11″ x 10″ Plastic Storage Bins

Best Reusable Plastic Storage Bin Container For Manufacturing CompaniesThe perfect storage bin, these plastic containers hold nearly 1 cubic foot of material weighing up to 60 lbs. They stack neatly or they can hang from louvered rails, racks, and carts. These bins also have a wide number of labeling, divider, and lid options. They come in a variety of colors and dozens of size options.

24″ x 21″ x 11″ Heavy Duty Plastic Straight Wall Containers

Straight Wall Handheld ContainerThis series of containers is designed to maximize pallet loads. Sized specifically to fit on 48″ x 45″ plastic pallets, these bins make the most of every inch. With smooth interiors and height options of 7″, 9″, 11″, and 14″, they’re built for a wide range of components. They also feature secure stackability across the entire line — perfect for mixed products or split-case distribution.


The Top Manufacturing Assembly Automation Containers

Manufacturers need to keep their products moving and accessible. As the industries continue to move toward automation, having the perfect containers has become paramount to assembly line efficiency. Fortunately, the reusable packing industry has created hundreds of solutions to meet this need. Today, we carry hundreds of styles of containers, trays, and bins that have features such as traction bottoms for conveyor belts, multiple points for robots to grab, and recessed grips and handle holes that permit manual container handling.

24″ x 16″ x 9″ – Automation Containers

Automation Handheld ContainerFrom one of our most popular container model lines, this automation container does it all. It stacks securely. It has a variety of traction bottom surface options. The container also maximizes robotic usability by providing one of the highest ratios of grip and lift points. This style is available in a wide range of sizes for every use, including the popular 24″ x 16″ x 3″ – Automation Tray.

19″ x 12″ x 2″ – Fiberglass Automation Trays

Handheld Food ContainerOriginally designed for the foodservice industry, fiberglass trays have been quickly adopted by technology and pharmaceutical manufacturers. They protect sensitive products from electrostatic charges. Functionally, fiberglass trays and containers provide unparalleled structural strength. They also have the smoothest surfaces, making them ideal for the most sensitive of chemicals, compounds, and elements. Sizes range from shallow trays to large, sealable containers.