48 x 40 x 44 – Heavy Duty Octabin – Bulk Cargo Container

SKU: OG103-404844-HD

  • Enhanced Stability: More stable than rectangular gaylords due to having 8 points of contact when stacked
  • Optimal Weight Distribution: Ideal for heavy loads, including large produce and aggregate items
  • Cost-Effective: Made from economical triple wall corrugated fiberboard
  • Versatile: Ideal bulk storage and transport for a broad range of products across all industries
  • Plug & Play: Compatible with all 48×40″ GMA pallet infrastructure (non-racking, pallets sold separately)
  • Recyclable: Corrugated cardboard can be recycled by most recovery centers at the end of its service life

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This heavy duty octabin differs from regular rectangular gaylords in their stacking abilities. With four additional points of contact, this heavy duty octabin container’s octagonal shape provides a more even and optimal weight distribution. As a result, octabins have significantly better stacking ability than their rectangular gaylord counterparts. With a rectangular gaylord, each wall is bears twice as much weight as those of the octabin cargo container. While this difference does not typically affect the weight capacity of the boxes, it has a tremendous impact on the service life of the container, with the octagon shaped gaylord boxes lasting much longer in typical use scenarios.

Designed to hold heavy bulk products, this octabin can be stacked several units high and offers a level of durability that’s suitable for long term storage. This heavy duty gaylord is constructed with a triple-wall outer octagon sleeve, and inner triple-wall octagon sleeve, a bottom tray and a top cover. When constructed, the bottom tray is captured between the outer and inner octagon sleeve for a secure fit.

Octabin Assembly Instructions:

  1. Position bottom tray onto a pallet or floor
  2. Slide the inner sleeve into the outer sleeve
  3. Ensure the bottom tray is secured between the two sleeves
  4. Load products into the container, then slide the top lid into position for shipping or storage

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Outside Length (in.)48.0
Outside Width (in.)40.0
Outside Height (in.)44.0
Inside Length (in.)44.75
Inside Width (in.)36.75
Inside Height / Product Clearance (in.)44.0
Drop Door Options-
Container Volume (cu.ft.)-
Container Weight Capacity (lbs.)-
Stack Height (Static/Dynamic)-
Collapsed Height (in.)-
Fork/Hand Truck Entry-
Tare Weight (lbs.)-
Return Ratio-
MaterialCorrugated Fiberboard
Mold Process-
Pallet Quantity-
53' Truck Capacity - Opened-
53' Truck Capacity - Collapsed-

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