Gaylord Boxes and Gaylord Containers

We specialize in delivering robust, efficient solutions for your bulk storage and transport needs. Our gaylord boxes and gaylord containers serve as the ideal, cost-effective choice for one-way transport and warehousing. Engineered for ease of use, our corrugated gaylords can be assembled swiftly and folded away to conserve valuable storage space when not in use. A base gaylord pallet comes standard, offering seamless maneuverability via pallet jacks or forklifts. For those seeking an extra layer of durability, our triple-wall boxes come equipped with heavy-duty, triple-wall cardboard construction while maintaining the same footprint as our standard gaylord containers. These cardboard bulk containers are available with several options including custom sizes, custom die cuts, custom printing, custom pallets and various wall thicknesses.

Gaylord Boxes and Containers