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Accounts Receivable Specialist / Accounts Payable Specialist

Reusable Transport Packaging, Inc Saint Petersburg, FL, USA Reusable Transport Packaging provides Packaging for a New Era. We offer a range of reusable bulk containers, handheld totes, pallets, carts and custom products designed to improve each company’s supply chain by reducing overhead, increasing profitability, adding sustainability, and protecting your products. We are a very fast […]

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Sales Support Specialist

Reusable Transport Packaging, Inc Saint Petersburg, FL, USA Reusable Transport Packaging is a reseller, master distributor, and custom manufacturer of the broadest range of returnable and reusable plastic packaging in North America. Our corporate office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and we have multiple stocking locations across the country. We carry thousands of products […]

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Freight Coordinator

RTP is looking for a motivated freight coordinator to join our team!

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Sales Support

RTP is looking for a motivated sales support person to join our team!

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Sales Representative

RTP is looking for a motivated sales person to join our team!  

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Is it time for your big business to reduce waste?

Is it Time for Your Big Business to Reduce Waste?

The world is experiencing a sustainability renaissance. With all of the concern about climate change and diminishing resources, consumers are more ready and willing than ever before to reduce waste by switching to recyclable and reusable options (even when they cost significantly more!). Zero waste is in, and for good reason.   Consumer demand for […]

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Sustainability in the Journey of a Tomato — Reusable Plastic Solutions to Keep Food Fresh and Costs Down

Plastics and the Food Supply Chain – How Reusable Plastics Keep Your Food Fresh and Costs Down

When the words “plastic” and “sustainability” are used together in a sentence, often, there is a negative sentiment regarding plastics. Single-use plastics such as straws, cling wrap, and resealable bags are not considered sustainable because it is a waste of materials to use something only one time then throw it away. However, reusable plastics can […]

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Plastic Beer Pallet

Shipping Your Beer Using Pallets – A Complete Resource Guide for Brewers

When you got into the business of brewing beer, you probably thought your top concerns would be related to the actual brewing process. However, once breweries start shipping their products, the owners quickly realize that logistics are a massive part of their business. In fact, learning how to ship your product efficiently is one of […]

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Best Manufacturing Containers for 2020

The Best Reusable Packaging Containers for Manufacturing in 2020

Reusable packaging has become a focal point of manufacturing supply chains. As efforts advance to gain efficiency, improve standardization, and embrace zero-waste supply chain strategies, manufacturers worldwide are turning to plastic reusable containers like never before. From auto manufactures to technology assembly, reusable plastic containers are the future. Plastic manufacturing containers are often the best […]

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Commercial Cannabis Storage Vacuum Packer

The Top, Long-Term Cannabis Storage Solutions

As cannabis and hemp production continue to gain momentum in the American marketplace, the need for efficient and industry-tailored solutions has become urgent. Proper processing, packaging, and storage solutions are essential to the operation and viability of professional cannabis businesses. Finding the right containers for bucking is essential. But beyond that, cannabis and hemp producers […]

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