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Used Collapsible Bulk Container

Used Collapsible Bulk Container


  • Numerous Sizes & Styles Available:  Inquire about availability today.
  • Affordable:  Similar great performance, lowered total price per container up front.
  • Reliable:  Each container passes a lengthy inspection process to ensure reliability.
  • Reusable:  Containers can be returned to service for extended lifecycle.
  • Less Waste:  Less trash to landfill,  reusing and repurposing containers is eco-friendly.
  • Agriculture:  Efficient harvesting, bulk food processing, item transport and distribution.
  • Eco-Friendly:  Less waste to landfill – decreases environmental impact.
  • Cut Costs:  Utilizing previously used containers helps to lower overall costs

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Used collapsible bulk plastic containers are exceptionally efficient, dependable, and offer stackable high-volume storage that dramatically reduces return-shipment costs when collapsed.

Prior to returning to service, each reused collapsible container is thoroughly inspected for defects, damage and must meet or exceed rigorous standards for reusability. Previously used bins are perfect for agricultural tasks, automotive, industrial, and shipping industry applications. Structurally rigid HDPE polymers offer outstanding durability and ruggedness. Far more dependable and a better investment than wood or metal disposable alternatives. Long lifespan paired with rugged lightweight plastics makes collapsible bulk containers the perfect solution for bulk transport needs.

Every used or refurbished bin is inspected to meet a high standard to reliability, and is cleaned before returning to service. Fixed wall bulk bins have smooth interior walls for easy and efficient cleanup, are lightweight and feature ergonomic handling. Rugged containers see widespread reuse for harvesting and agricultural needs as they maintain freshness of produce and safeguards fragile items through each segment of a product’s life cycle. Bulk reused collapsible shipping containers and bins are recyclable and can be repaired if a segment or sidewall is damaged.

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